Rehabilitation Psychology Associates (RPA) led by Psychologist Dr. Aaron Wolfson, specializes in the unique needs of individuals with medical and physical challenges. This site is designed for individuals suffering from chronic pain to benefit from our years of clinical practice and research to learn how to take back your life! One of the most insidious byproducts of ongoing physical pain and disability is the sense of isolation and despair that develops as patients become more and more discouraged with their health status. Our online support groups and forums allow you to connect with others who may be going through the same experiences.

You can also ask our pain professionals specific questions. Pain College is our crash course in how to cope with chronic pain. Developed from working with thousands of patients in hundreds of psychoeducational groups, this is your opportunity to learn all the things your doctors may not have told you about your health. There are also other useful online tools to help you observe how your pain impacts your activities of daily living.

Knowledge is power as they say, and our job is to help you get as much knowledge about coping with chronic pain as possible. So explore the site, and drop us a note, we would love to hear your feedback!